Companies outsource their sales operations, or parts of it for many reasons. Most don’t have the bandwidth, data, or resources to mount a full scale sales strategy. Hiring Constructur not only supercharges your sales efforts, but does so for less headache and cost than hiring and developing your own internal sales team.

Yes! While there is more nuance to email marketing these days, Constructur has the processes and team in place to drive results from email marketing strategies.

Yes! Our average service costs less at baseline than hiring an experienced sales person and paying them a competitive salary. Constructur doesn’t take commissions, need benefits, or cost to setup through HR like an in-house employee would. In addition, our services are considered a sales/marketing expenses and are expensible.

Outsourcing these days has become synonymous with overseas labor. While some of our data personnel are located outside of the US, all of our client/prospect facing team members are located in our office in Plano, Texas. We hire the best sales professionals to represent and help grow your brand.

This all depends on the current structure of your sales and marketing team, and where the gaps are. We exist to fill the gaps in any of your sales and marketing efforts. If you have a sales team and just need top of the funnel work – we can help provide introductions to your sales team. If you have little to no real sales team – we will provide a sales professional to represent your brand and do the selling for you.

We have represented startups who have not sold a single dollar, all the way to $500MM annual revenue companies. Since we exist to fill the gaps in our client’s sales & marketing efforts, we have a service to fit all sizes of companies. Our main goal is to help companies grow!