We have developed the process for hiring that focuses on deep understanding of personal and professional characteristics of the candidates


Constructur recruiting services aims to help our clients fill critical gaps within their sales organization. We do this by taking over the heavy-lifting involved with finding and qualifying talented people. Access to the large pool of companies and extensive sales experience allow us to find the perfect candidate for your organization.

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Recruiting process

We’ll develop a job profile that will allow us to uncover the ideal candidates for your open requisitions.

We’ll write an amazing job description, post it and promote it to target audiences.

We’ll qualify candidates using our tools and interview process. Then, we’ll recommend only those candidates that we think are a good match.

Once we hand the candidates off to you, we’ll help you prepare for the interviews.

After you interview the candidates, we recommend that you have each candidate shadow you and your team for half a day (or longer). We’ll give you tips here too!

If shadowing goes well, we highly recommend a dinner with your candidate. If he/she has a spouse, encourage them to bring him/her along. Trust us, this is important. We’ll let you handle this part, but we are always available for guidance.

Hire sales talent, find new customers and grow revenue

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